Thursday, September 1, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/ aging is only a number

Getting down to business.  Being a writer is very difficult. It's a process and the process takes so long, and when you've completed the process, it's getting someone to read your manuscript, knowing all the hard work and time you've put into it.

So even though I'm categorized, ( of the older generation), it doesn't mean that I'm non-exiting.  Therefore I'm not invisible, but visible to myself, and to all, who really want to see me...

For one never knows where the road will take you. I could live to ninety-nine, and to think I procrastinated, and gave up on my dreams, because society tells me,  I'm too old, and I had allowed them to stand in my way of fulfilling my goals.

Age is only a number, it's what you feel inside that counts.  

And growing old, shouldn't  have anything to do with  one's talent, or skill.  In fact, age and experience should make you more viable, and valuable to others. Now if only society could see it that way, we would be in good shape..

So every year, I might turn another year older, But every year, I will still work towards my goals.

therefore, for me, the aging process will always be FOREVER YOUNG