Friday, April 29, 2011


Angelina's Story is now finished, and I will now send it out tomorrow.

Other than that, nothing much happened today.  Visited my mom, and will be taking her food shopping tomorrow.  I still can't believe she is 87 years old, and so independent. Now I know who I take after.
I am truly blessed to have her, and truly blessed that she is healthy, in fact all my family. What greater gift then that.

And yes I complain like everyone else. And I have my moments when things just don't go the way I want it to, or someone doesn't do, what I think they should be doing. And most of all no one really listens....  So true to life, everyone has to learn the hard way, even though as mother's and wife's we always try to make everything easier.  Oh well, all I can say is, at least I try.  

So I guess this is it for today, see you all tomorrow. Hope you tune in.  You'll never know what I'll write about next..