Sunday, August 25, 2013

FOREVERY YOUNG- it's Sunday morning

It's Sunday morning to be precise it's 9:37 am. I am thinking about what I should do today. There are so many avenues I can take, but there is always one that sticks in my mind, and that is to work on my script that I've been writing for two years.

The reason being, it was written with the idea of becoming a TV series, and it did win in a major script competition in the TV category, not the whole series, I just wrote a pilot one. But I figured if someone liked it, they would option to buy it, then write and produce it.  One can dream, right..

I also have a partner that is 86 years old, and he came up with the idea, and of course I embellished on that and came up with the storyline, and wrote the script. But now I 'm revising it to be a full script for film, rather then for TV, which takes me more time then most, because of this nagging injury I still have,  and unfortunately will never go away, so I've coped.. what else can one do..

And off to review, which I've already had one critique, with some very good advice and suggestions..

And since it's a beautiful day here, I will  try to sit outside for a little while, and just breathe in all the beauty around me, and hope wherever you live, the sun is shining as well.

Therefore, this beautiful sunny day, will always be FOREVER YOUNG.