Saturday, June 18, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/up at the crack of dawn

Saturday and looking out the window, I can't tell if the sun is going to shine or if it's going to rain or if it's just going to be an overcast day, but whatever it is, I'm up too early to care.

You would think on a Saturday I could sleep late, but no, just like any other day I'm up at the crack of dawn, and then I just remain in bed with one eye open, and the other eye closed searching through the channels on my television, as if I'm really going to watch the show. lol.  Or maybe in my other life I was a rooster... lol..

But all I really want is  to find something to watch, that would put me back in la la land... but unfortunately it never works, and finally I have to get out of bed.

Yes Saturdays, is a day when you should get the house in order. Do all that cleaning that you didn't have time for during the week. And let's not forget the pile of laundry that are just begging to be washed, so they can be placed neatly in the drawer and ready for your family to wear.

And then you finally can relax until something else catches your eye, and once again you're up and running until the job is done. But is it ever done.

No matter if your children are grown and out of the house, a woman's work is never done. You have one adult person that makes up for three or four kids. In fact, they are worst then kids. Because you can tell the kids to pick up their things and they might resent it, but in the end they do it, but a husband or boyfriend, never.

You're their personal maid.... gee I wonder how much maids get paid these days. Probably not

Oh well I guess for me Saturdays will never be FOREVER YOUNG.