Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/revising Angelina's story

Well today I will go to my other trusty computer and work on my story.  I've never written a children's book and this one is based on a mother's journal about her baby girl who is sick. It's only eight pages long, and hopefully if published will have a great artist for the illustrations.

It's tricky, because I' m not in the medical field and don't want to appear that way. So I've written Angelina's story (the baby's name) in her point of view. I't's written  in a simplistic, lyrical tone...

Now I've already sent the story out, and I know the way it was written, probably didn't meet with a positive reaction, so I am revising the story, polishing it up and sending it out again.  But sooner or later I just have to let it go, or I'll wind up throwing it in the garbage.  And I don't want to do that, since this story is important to share.  It can be read by seven year olds, and read to 4-6 years olds as well.

Okay, now that I've said that, I will have another cup of coffee, to wake me up of course, Then get started and hopefully  send it out by tomorrow, but as everyone knows, this is a tough business.

that's why I produced and filmed my own scripts.  One of them won two awards, and was aired on PBS.

So for now, I will leave this laptop and visit my desktop.  I know, I know, why not write the story on my laptop, well it's an apple and it doesn't have microsoft word, and that's what I like to type on.... Sorry apple... I'm really not a traitor, after all, my blog is written everyday on your computer....