Sunday, January 30, 2011


 Jack La Lanne, who recently passed away at the tender age of ninety-six, lived life to it's fullest. He was an inspiration to all, because exercising and nutrition was a way of life.  And Jack LaLane lived life to the fullest.

He proved that you're never too old to take care of yourself. And that meant getting off that couch, and doing something about your health.

When I was young, I never exercised, unless you call dancing at weddings, or birthday parties exercise. Well I guess it was a form of exercising, but not  the regimented kind, where you really had to work those muscles. So one day at the age of thirty-nine, I decided to join a gym. After an intense workout, I knew I could handle anything  I felt good about myself, and of course didn't mine how great my body was looking.   Little did I know, a few years later, I would be training others at a gym, helping them to achieve their goals of staying fit and healthy.  It was a fulfilling and rewarding job. But as time went it, life changes, and I left that position to pursue other interest, but I never stopped  exercising, that is, until an accident years later stopped me.  No, I 'm not crippled, thank God for that, I just have a permanent back injury, which prevents me from doing any type of physical workouts.

So I guess that sums it all up, and all I can say, Jack La Lanne, an inspiration to all, and if you can
 hear me up there, you'll always be,  FOREVER YOUNG.