Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/ I will build on my positives

The week has begun and with it, I've taken out my writing tools, which consist of a pen and paper and of course my trusty computer. And I will begin my journey upward. to accomplish something that hopefully will  resemble a poem. or an essay or the almighty script of all scripts.....

Or am I just kidding myself... I hope not...but then again, I've been known to procrastinate.... I start out with good intentions only to find one thing or another to distract me from accomplishing my goals.  Does this sound familiar?    Now I'm not saying I don't get anything done, but most of the time I spend thinking about what I'm going to do, then actually doing it.

It's like buying a membership at a gym.  You're anxious to begin, and you can't wait to work out, or take those step classes... but after the initial excitement wears off, you hesitate to get up in the morning, or go to the gym after work, because you're too tired to exercise. And then you'll say, I'll go to the gym tomorrow... but when tomorrow comes, the same excuses........

But  never fear, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, because once you make up your mind to do something, oh how much better you'll feel, am I right? Yes I am, because the outcome will  be your just reward.

So now you can move forward, and never look back,, that is, unless you can pull something from your past, and use it  in a positive way to help you with your goals today..

I certainly will give it my all.. and even at my age, there's always something big or small to achieve.... And I won't let  my old habits interfere, and if they do,  I will give myself a good talking to, and begin the process all over again, and again, until I get the job done.

So for me, I will build on my positives, because they will always be


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