Sunday, March 11, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/the cell phone saga

Yes, I've skipped a few days.. But if you knew the week I had, you would have too.

I never, never bring a coffee cup without a lid, into my car, usually it's a WAWA coffee, and always has a lid....but I had to leave early the other morning, to take my mom to the doctors, and no time to stop at the store, so I grabbed a cup of coffee, with no lid and took off.

Well needless to say, while  I was stopped at a red light, I called my mom, and of course my phone is programed to  filter through my radio, so I don't have to hold the phone, and who needs a ticket, right?.

But still I had to hang up the phone, and blindly put  the phone in the coffee holder next to me, only I forgot my coffee cup had no lid,  and you guessed it, I dunked my phone into the coffee cup. I've heard of dunking donuts in coffee, but a cell phone.....

Now I have a phone, with no screen, lost my contacts, and I never bother to memorize the phone numbers. .. Well, that's not all true, I can remember mine, of course, and my mom's. my husband and my daughter's, but my sons, no. They have changed their phone numbers quite a few times, and I never caught up with all the changes... so you see, this is a good excuse not to have memorized their numbers. And of course, I can't remember my friends, well you get the picture..

And since I never set up my voice mail, I never know who calls me. So now I have to guess who must have  called me, and I'm really not good at guessing games...

So next week, I have to buy another phone, and re-start the process all over again.  I just hope to keep the same phone number, because if I don't, that will be another issue to deal with..

Oh, did I mention I have no ground phone, so the cell phone is all I have...... my life, no problem, right??  lol..

So you see, for me the cell phone saga, will never be FOREVER YOUNG.