Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG-dreams cont.

Why do we dream. Why is it that dreams seem to be part of our everyday life.  I dream all the time, and like I said in my last blog, they become a part of my every day living.  Some dreams I just don't want to wake up from they are so peaceful and sometimes more exciting then my real life. And others, I just can't wait to see the light of day...

The other night, I had another dream.  My uncle passed away many many years ago, and it's not that I don't miss him, but I haven't thought about him in some time, because like anything else life gets in the way. But for some reason I dreamt of him.

I was at my aunt's house, and he was there.  I had a a baby in my arms and he got up, his right arm didn't move so well, and I helped place the baby in his arms.  He talked to me, although I don't know what he said, but he was so happy.

Well I'm very close to my cousin, and this is her father.  Her daughter recently had a baby girl, and the only logic I can get from this dream, is that my uncle got the chance to hold his great granddaughter.

With my mom, there is always some kind of superstition when you dream of babies, and not good mind you, but when I told my cousin about this dream she was thrilled. Her father saw his granddaughters  baby, and for me this turned my whole way of thinking around.

I didn't have those negative feelings that usually come with some superstitions.  Imagine, at my age, I'm turning the clock around.  I did mention I will try to change something in my life hopefully once a day, well this is one of those changes....let's keep them coming....

So for me dreams are FOREVER YOUNG