Monday, June 27, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/the good old delete button

The good old delete button.

When I read or type something on the computer, and I want to get rid of something, all I have to do is touch the delete button, and like magic everything disappears.

Or when I receive junk mail, and I mean junk mail, all I have to do is touch delete, and it's gone. Unfortunately, it re-appears again and again and again, and I hit the delete button, again and again and again. It's like fighting a losing battle with no winner in the end.... Because how does junk mail know, I'm deleting it every time it appears. It doesn't.

And I wish there was a delete button that would wipe away my bills, worries and frustrations.

Or a delete button that would change my mood from miserable, to happy.

Yes the good old delete button. If only I had the power to change the world with a touch of a finger.

I would delete war,  poverty unkindness and disrespect. And replace it with peace, richness, kindness. and respect.

But since my delete button doesn't have that capability, I will keep working hard, and pray that everything I mentioned above, will someday become a reality.

A big goal, but not impossible to achieve.

So for me the delete button will always be FOREVER YOUNG