Sunday, October 14, 2012

FOREVER YOIUNG/my bird carlo

Today, I lost my bird Carlo.. He lived a good full life, (over ten years old)   And I never got to say goodbye, or to talk to him this morning....  and for that I will always be sad.. It was when I went to feed him and Lola, that I saw him lying on the bottom of the cage... I really don't want to write how I re-acted, but the pain is still in my heart.

When my husband brought him home, (a rescue bird( At first I didn't want him, because at that time I had five dogs. (poodles), and didn't need another animal to take care of, but like anything else, I grew to love him.   And he became a part of our family.

I guess, I just wanted him like my five poodles (who have all died and went to animal heaven),  to live forever, just like everyone else that I love and care for.. But we all have a shelf time, and it's how we live in that time, and love in that time that is so important...

Carlo might have only been a bird, but he had personality, he made me laugh, he sang every morning, and always greeted me, and I in turn would greet him..

Now Lola is lonely, and I think she will need some company, because I don't want her to be alone. So  soon, I will get her another companion, that will help ease her pain... ... never replacing Carlo  but just giving another a home,  to be loved and nurtured..

So for me my lovely and handsome bird Carlo, will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/it's October

Well it's the middle of the week, Wednesday, and I can't believe how time is  passing by.. but not only that the weather is humid, and I mean, humid..  I'm trying not to put on my air condition... don't laugh, but it's OCTOBER and I'm thinking about turning on the air...

But I'm not., so I 'll just suffer through it, because who needs another high Electric Bill.  And I'm sure before long, I'll be talking about the cold and the long winter, yet where I live, the winters are not too bad, so I probably won't complain too much.

And if you've been reading my blog, you know that I've been having a tough few months, since my mom passed away., and that's why I haven't been posting too much on my blog... but soon  I hope to share more of my life , not that it's so exciting mine  but hopefully it will be interesting.... okay maybe not that either, but at least I'll begin writing again........

To all my loyal readers, my wish for you is to stay FOREVER YOUNG