Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/Shirley Maclaine

Shirley Maclaine, is a beautiful successful actress, who has achieved many goals in her lifetime.

When I was a young girl,  my hair was cut short like hers. In fact people would often come up to me and say, "You know who you remind me of, Shirley Maclaine. And I in turn would thank them,. because she is one of my favorite actress.

When I did a play in Upstate New York, "Home Free"  many many years ago, I was told by an audience member how much I resembled her. Of course I can't sing, or dance  like her, and if they ever made a movie about Shirley Maclaine's life, I certainly couldn't portray her.  But I could play her younger sister.. lol.. without the singing or dancing that is..

And now I'm reading her book,  "I'm Over All That."  I honestly can relate to a lot of the things she is saying. I believe when you reach a certain age, that you don't take life too seriously.

When your young, it seems like the end of the world, or you're so carefree, that nothing seems to bother you. It only begins to affect you, in the middle age of life. Then as you get over that stage, and you're in the final chapter of your life, then you sit back and reflect and realize, you are all over that.

Therefore it's now time to reap the benefits of what life gave you, and what you took from it. Maybe you'll be happy with the results, or maybe not, but at least you survived. What more can one ask for.

So for me SHIRLEY MACLAINE, will always be a great artist, and FOREVER YOUNG