Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/I finally said goodbye to my car of ten years

Well I finally said goodbye to my car of ten years. It was heartbreaking.

My car became a part of my life. It went through the good and bad times with me, and vice versa.

Many times I've sat in my car and laughed, cried or just shouted out in anger or frustration.

My car was my confidante.  And my friend.

It fitted my personality. We worked well together.. But unfortunately age has finally caught up with it, and this time I couldn't put my car back together again. I really tried, but in the end it was like fighting a losing battle.

So drying my eyes, I gave my car one last look, and said goodbye. I thanked it for all the wonderful years we had together.
And now I hope this new car, will also become my loyal friend.

So for me my car will always be FOREVER YOUNG