Monday, October 17, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/dreary monday's and food...

Had another one of those dreary Monday's.... Couldn't get the energy to step up in high gear. In fact as the day progressed, it got worst.

Sometimes it's  best not to leave the house, but then again if I didn't leave my house, then I wouldn't be able to go food shopping, and unfortunately that's a necessity evil I need, or do we?

I've often thought, maybe if a pill was invented, and would provide me with all the essentials to survive,  then look how much I could save on groceries.  I'd probably loose about thirty pounds....... that's a nice thought. But then again,  I would miss out on eating my favorite foods, like Pasta, Steak, and let's not leave out Shrimp and Lobster, which sadly to say, I don't eat often. And what about dessert, now you know Chocolate has to be first on my list.

Oh well, enough about that.  I don't want to raid the refrigerator... again, and again, and again. lol.

So for me Dreary Monday's I don't want you to be FOREVER YOUNG