Friday, August 19, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/until tomorrow

I wrote something on my blog.  Was going to start in Sept, but didn't want to loose this blog site..

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Mine is nothing to write home about, but still, summer is a time to just sit back and take those weekends and that week or two vacation to just relax and have some fun.

Fun, what does that word mean to you.  Why don't you tell me about your summer and what interesting things you did.  Would love to hear your stories and comments.

And if by chance you do read my other entry I made today, this site will never be about preaching, politics or religion, it will just be about everyday life, mine, of course and about others who I've observed, that put a smile on my face....

Smiles.... what does this word mean to you?

So until tomorrow,  FOREVER YOUNG