Thursday, August 30, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/ I just have these weird dreams

Again with the dreams...... It starts out like this.  Just so you know, I'm sane and  I'm not strange..... But for some reason, I just have these weird dreams, that I cannot explain.... but then again who wants to.

I'm sitting in the car in some kind of lot, with my husband.  He then gets out of the car, and tells me, he'll be right back.... then disappears...

Then all of a sudden,  I see two guys walking around the lot... I immediately locked my door, and slouched down  in my seat, so they couldn't see me.

Now I'm watching  these two guys and naturally,  I knew, they were up to no good, when suddenly I see one of the guys take out a knife, and then stab himself in the knee. Why I don't know.  So now he's limping around like an idiot.... this is pretty funny...... who would do something like that ?  And the other guy could care less, he just keeps his distance...

but like my husband, they too disappear from my dream..

Then, now don't laugh, okay you can laugh,  Monk and his assistant appeared.  Now why would I dream of Monk. I have no idea. And for those who don't know who he is, he's a man with an obsessive/compulsive disorder, but he's also a consultant for the police department, who helps them solve difficult cases, and yes Monk is a TV program, that has run its course, but is still shown of tv through (re-runs)

And somehow, I actively got involved with him. Because the next thing I knew, I was trying to help  Monk's  assistant get him into a car, but he wouldn't budge because, he sees something on the seat, and can't bring himself to sit down. So the assistant and are grabbing and pulling at him, until we somehow managed to get him into the car, and wouldn't you know it, that's when I woke up.

What a weird, strange and funny dream, but a dream it was...

Therefore for me, dreams will always be very much a part of my life.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/ I will build on my positives

The week has begun and with it, I've taken out my writing tools, which consist of a pen and paper and of course my trusty computer. And I will begin my journey upward. to accomplish something that hopefully will  resemble a poem. or an essay or the almighty script of all scripts.....

Or am I just kidding myself... I hope not...but then again, I've been known to procrastinate.... I start out with good intentions only to find one thing or another to distract me from accomplishing my goals.  Does this sound familiar?    Now I'm not saying I don't get anything done, but most of the time I spend thinking about what I'm going to do, then actually doing it.

It's like buying a membership at a gym.  You're anxious to begin, and you can't wait to work out, or take those step classes... but after the initial excitement wears off, you hesitate to get up in the morning, or go to the gym after work, because you're too tired to exercise. And then you'll say, I'll go to the gym tomorrow... but when tomorrow comes, the same excuses........

But  never fear, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, because once you make up your mind to do something, oh how much better you'll feel, am I right? Yes I am, because the outcome will  be your just reward.

So now you can move forward, and never look back,, that is, unless you can pull something from your past, and use it  in a positive way to help you with your goals today..

I certainly will give it my all.. and even at my age, there's always something big or small to achieve.... And I won't let  my old habits interfere, and if they do,  I will give myself a good talking to, and begin the process all over again, and again, until I get the job done.

So for me, I will build on my positives, because they will always be


Saturday, August 25, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/not so, or maybe so, the typical Sat.

Today is Saturday, and the weather is unpredictable.  sometimes you think it's going to rain, and then a few drops come down from the cloudy sky, and the next minute the sun is shining.  It's been a strange sort of day.... but not unusual, for there have been plenty of days just like this one.

Now what do you do, on a day like today.... Absolutely nothing.... then again nothing is making the clock tick by too slow, and the need to be productive is nagging at my conscious mind, although the subconscious mind apparently is not listening....

So what did I do today on this unproductive day..  Well, I took three rides in my car, twice to nowhere in particular, and one to the grocery store where I bought the ingredients for taco's, which I decided not to make, well not until this week.  Then I stopped at Tuesdays' and bought a welcome mat for my front porch, only summer is almost over and there really isn't anyone to welcome to my house.... although one never knows who will pop in....

And that was the extent of my long boring day, and now I'm just playing games on my computer, and reading the news, and watching psyche on tv....   but what I really should be doing is writing my script or my poem, or my essay, or my short story, just take your pick... but that too I've put on hold.

 I also did a lot of crying ... miss my mom... it's been two months since I lost her, but I'm sure she's pretty busy wherever she is, probably telling everyone what to do...or getting the party going,  if you knew my mom, you know she could do that....

Well that's about it for my Saturday, it's almost 6:00 pm and we're getting ready to eat some chinese food. Got out of cooking ..... I only waited thirty-nine years to have a reason not to cook.... in fact  it's getting cheaper to go out to eat, or to order food, then it is to go food shopping..

So yes Saturday is moving slowly, but soon it will be over and I will always be


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/Erma Bombeck, the humorist

Sometimes I wish, I had Erma Bombeck's sense of humor.  She could take any situation and make you laugh. What a true gift for someone to have. To turn any situation into laughter.

She was a very funny lady, no longer with us in this world, but surely missed.

Erma Bombeck was a humorist, who achieved popularity for her newspaper columns that addressed life in the suburbs from the mid 60's to late 90's.

she wrote over 4,000 newspaper columns chronicling the midwestern suburban housewife. And had over 30 million readers.

She also published 15 books that were best sellers.

Erma Bombeck died at the tender age of 69  (1927-1996) from kidney complications.  In a way so young, because I'm sure if she had lived, she would have found an abundance of humorous material to write about today..

And I know there are many female comedians that are great and many humorists as well, but nothing I believe compares to Erma Bombeck with her broad and sometime eloquent mannerism.

Here I leave you with one of Erma's quotes.  "

There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy ad tragedy, humor and hurt."

So for me Erma Bombeck's sense of humor will always remain FOREVER YOUNG

Sunday, August 19, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/vacation, short but sweet

Well my husband and I, finally took a much needed three day vacation, not a long time, but worth getting away. At least I didn't have to think about anything or anyone... doesn't everyone need that.. It only took seven years... better late then never... In fact it was so long ago, I actually thought it was ten years ago... What is that saying.. um you're right.....

The only negative I can say about this trip to Connecticut, is that most of the people were not as friendly as I remembered. I mean many didn't know how to smile, and manners were surely lacking..  In fact, it seemed like they were going through the motions of being human, because most motions seemed to be robotic, But still,  we did meet some nice people, so all was not lost.  So I will give that state another chance... because the scenery is beautiful, and the place we stayed was very homey and comfortable....

Now as far as any incidents that occurred.  The only accident I had was spilling a glass of wine on my pants, and that's about it.... that in fact was amazing because usually I manage to get myself in many ridiculous situations. just ask my husband.. he surely can tell you some outrageous stories about my clumsiness away from home.. and I believe I did share some stories in my blog..(.if you want to go back in my archives, please feel free to do so.. in fact, would love you to read my blog)....  

Oh well, that's what makes life exciting... at least we always laughed afterwards.. which should be more often.. nod you're head if you agree..

So therefore for me, vacations no matter how short or long will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Monday, August 13, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/ positive state of mind

Over the weekend I read a book called "Your Infinite Power to Be Rich" by Joseph Murphy, Ph,D, D.D.,  and now started  reading his other book "Putting The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind to Work."

So therefore, Positive Energy brings Positive Things into your life, and this just might be the cure all for everything.  A simple ingredient, but very hard to learn, because it's re-programing your brain and body to think and act in another way and manner, which could be foreign territory for most, because let's face it, being human, and with many situations that occur in one's life, this tends to make you think in a negative way.

And I know, I will have to work hard to re-program myself, because when you're much older, it's twice okay three times as difficult to think or act in another way.  But I will  definitely give it my all, and look forward to the end result, and not get frustrated or discouraged if it doesn't happen right away, because like all good things in life, it takes time, dilegence and perseverance.

Positive Energy and Positive Thinking will always be FOREVER YOUNG

Stay tune, one never knows what one will find, or do, especially in my life..


Sunday, August 12, 2012


It's been over a month since my mom passed away... And yet I don't believe it, or I just don't want to believe it.

I want to pick up the phone and hear her voice one last time, Listening her tell me, not to worry, take care of yourself.  

I want to confide in  her about how I feel, and ask her what I should do next, or at least get her advice, whether I agree with it or not.... 

And it doesn't matter how old you are, when you loose your mother, it's like loosing a part of your heart, your being, because she is the one who brought you into this world, and therefore is your lifeline in many ways.

Mother's and daughters definitely have their disagreements, and yes many stray away from their roots, some not even talking to their mothers, or don't really have a relationship with them, sad but true. I on the other hand did, even though we fought like cats and dogs, well we really didn't, most of the time we got along perfectly. We were there for each other, and I was her sounding block just like she was mine. 

My daughter and I have the same relationship, We are very close, and for that I am thankful. I'm also close to my sons as well.  They are always there for me.

But my mother was living near me, and we would talk everyday, and hang out almost every Monday night while my husband played pool on the league. Now that has been taking away, and I'm lost.

I know in time the hurt will be less painful, and there will only remain a dull ache, because my mom and all the memories we shared and had, will live on forever.



Thursday, August 9, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/a script is a brewing...

Well it's time for the writing to begin. I've been going through all my piles of paper and have decided to get rid of some stories that have absolutely no hope of becoming the next Gone With The Wind... but to my surprise, I found many stories that still have some great potential, even if I wrote them years and years I will try to give it my best shot.

If anything, I want to finish and polish these stories for myself.   It's the best goal to have....

And I know somewhere in  the back of my brain there is a script a brewing, with a promise of becoming something big,  well, hopefully. What it is, I don't know, because it's still vague, but I know sooner or later it will present itself to me, and then I will move full speed ahead.....

So until then, I will remain FOREVER YOUNG

Thursday, August 2, 2012


This morning the sun is shining bright, the birds are flying high in the blue sky, and the trees are in full bloom, looking like a beautiful picture before me. So I want to breathe in this scene before me, because in life with all it's coming and going's, and its many ups and downs, I sometimes forget to appreciate nature and all its glory.

And hopefully tomorrow, I will share this poem I wrote called, The Simple Pleasures in Life,

But for now, I just wanted to express my appreciation for what God has provided.

So for me Nature will always be FOREVER YOUNG