Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/throwing things away

I admit, that I don't like throwing things away, like the sweaters and slacks that are still hanging in my closet, hoping they will  fit some day or eventually come back in style, or  the shoes I can't wear because they're just a little too tight on my feet.

Or the newspaper clippings which are stored in a plastic container, because I don't want to throw away the news of yesterday.

But today, I decided it's time, to start ... and that's  a good thing, because  the newspapers have turned into an ugly yellowish color, and some of the black print has already faded.

As I throw the papers into a large garbage bag, a couple of headlines caught my attention.

One  headline read" Let the Excitement live on!"

Now I wondered, "Why did I cut that headline out of the paper".

Could it be I wanted to take a trip to Hawaii and sit on a beach, drinking my Pina Colada's Well,  I'll pack my bags right now, and take the next flight out.

Or was I having a bad day and didn't want to"Let the Excitement live on." because I've had enough to last me for quite sometime, thank you..

As I continued with my task, another Headline caught my eye. It read, "Buying Into A Dream."

I didn't know dreams were for sale. How much please?  Or did "Buying Into a Dream"mean I was being scammed and left with nothing.

But maybe the reason I kept these headlines, is because  the "Excitement will Live on", because "Buying Into a Dream" is what this country is all about.