Monday, March 7, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/mon-day blues

The morning started off a little bumpy, and I'm hoping as the day progresses, it will get much better.

Maybe that's why Mondays have a bad rap. You're just getting over the weekend, possibly from a hangover, or you're just too tired from all the work you did around the house, or maybe you had just a little too much fun, and hope Monday is another week away, but of course it isn't and now you're faced with the Mon-day blues. what to do.....

Well you can drink lots of coffee to get your adrenaline going, or you can  read  a newspaper, that will surely wake up your brain, Or start your day with an action movie, that surely will get you hyped up for the morning rush as your driving to work, and for some who are taking a bus or train, just use your imagination, that always works..

So whatever you decide to do, and whatever day it turns out to be, somehow you'll manage to get through it, and then the Mon-day blues will be a distant memory, that is, until the next Monday arrives.

Therefore for me, The Monday Blues will always be FOREVER YOUNG