Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/continuation of Nelson Johnson/The Boardwalk Empire

Continuation of Nelson Johnson who wrote The Boardwalk Empire.

Nelson Johnson is a lawyer, and most of the people he interview for this book have died.

And that HBO was interested in  two chapters written about Nucky Thompson, who was the treasurer of Atlantic City in the 1920's,

Then Mr. Johnson went on to do a slide show explaining certain landmarks, etc. And told me something I didn't know, and that is Atlantic City and not Chicago was the birth of organized crime.  In fact that's where the first organized crime convention was held.

Then of course he discussed how he got 50 or so rejections and then met an agent that was interested in representing N.J. writers, and that's how his book got published.

Mr. Johnson by chance, saw this guy on Oprah's, sorry can't remember his name, so he  traveled to LA. and pitched his book to him for a possible tv series, and it turns out this guy spent summers in Atlantic City, and with that being said, we all know it worked out for Mr. Johnson.....

And that's the end of this chapter.

So for me The Boardwalk Empire, will be FOREVER YOUNG