Wednesday, February 2, 2011


First I want to say, " Zza Zza Gabor, get well, my prayers are with you and your family."

Now let's talk about Eva. She was the youngest daughter of the Gabor sisters, and the first to pass away. Did you know she was buried not too far from her co-star Eddie Albert, who died at the age of ninety-nine.

 I think her best role was Lisa Douglas on Green Acres, which aired on television from 1965-1971. She proved to be a natural comedian.  Who would have thought, growing up, that my life would mimic Lisa Douglas in some way.

Lisa Douglas was a city girl, and moved to a farm because Oliver, a prominent lawyer wanted to get away form the hustle and bustle of city life.

I too was a city girl, worked uptown in an advertising firm. Met the man of my dreams, got married, and then swept off to the mountains, yes the mountains. The house we rented was a two story old country home. There was a running brook in back of the house.  Peaceful to hear, and beautiful to look at. This I didn't mine. It was a change from the air polluted vehicles, and noises of city life.

Lisa had a difficult time adjusting to farm life, and I had a difficult time adjusting to all the quietness of mountain living.  On a farm you had chickens, goats, pigs, but in the mountains you have deer, bear and raccoons. Which would you prefer?

On a farm you ate chicken, eggs and vegetables.  In the mountains you eat venison, fish, and pheasant.  One time, I actually had to pluck a pheasant, and then cook it. Imagine a city girl doing this.

Living in the city you take for granted certain pleasures, for example, like turning on and off you TV whenever you wanted to. Where I lived, you had to pay a guy $5.00. Why, you might ask, because he had the only power line on his property that connected your wires to his. (his house was about fifty feet from ours)

So if it rained, and you were in the middle of watching a great show, snap, snap the wires were disconnected because, he didn't want his power line getting struck by lightening.  And if you didn't pay your bill on time, snap snap, the wires were disconnected until you paid your bill. Was I living in twilight zone, or what. 

As time went on, I adjusted more or less to this new way of living, like Lisa did;  until one day a woman walked onto my property. She asked if I had any dogs, I didn't, but my husband did... She then asked if my neighbor had any dogs.  How was I to know, I still didn't meet anyone that I wasn't intimidated by. The men were big, wore long hair, dressed in plaid shirts and  dirty jeans, and sometimes carried a rifle with them, you know to shoot deer etc. And there were no women to speak of, I never saw one, but I'm sure they were around somewhere. (keep in mind, I was a young bride.)
Then she took out some forms and started to hand them to me. Before I realized it, my husbands dog out of nowhere came running down the road and bit her on the ass.  Well needless to say the woman was upset, yelling at me etc. But may I remind you, she was on my property.   Well the whole thing was a mess, but in the end, she was proven wrong, and that's all that counts.  Welcome to Mountain/Country/ life.
Yes my life was anything but dull..

So Eva, who played Lisa Douglas so well, and never realizing I would find myself in similar circumstances, as your character on Green Acres, you will always be FOREVER YOUNG.