Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/my dreams are real..

My dreams are real.  I don't know why I dream, I wish I knew.

But I enjoy writing them down, before I really forget them. Most of them are interesting, but some I truly  want to forget, because they are awful, and sometimes downright scary.. which is puzzling, because I don't watch many horror or scary films...

I like to watch romantic comedies, a good psychological thriller, and comedy/drama, that's my cup of tea.

So my request.  iI I'm going to dream, then let them be funny, or adventurous, then I'm a happy camper...


FOREVER YOUNG/dreaming all the time

Well I had another dream.  I was lying on the ground, afraid to move. There was an elephant close by, he too was lying down.  At first I thought he was hurt, or dead, but then he started to move.

I just laid there, afraid to draw attention.  I didn't want to be trampled on, that's for sure. He seemed to be protecting something, but I couldn't see what it was, and I certainly didn't want to make my presence known.  I didn't want to give this elephant any excuse to get up,.. if you know what I mean..

I really do have some strange dreams,... this could be my future book.  (my short stories of weird and strange dreams) Well that's not the title, I don't have one... But it should be pretty interesting, if and when I ever write it.

Now most of my dreams, I can relate the whole story, or at least part of it, but this one, I really can't re-call much.. because I woke up suddenly and forgot most of it.

Dam those kind of dreams are like a cliffhanger in a tv series.  You're watching the last episode, and something drastically happens, but they won't show the outcome, until the new season begins.  Only with dreams, there is no next season, because the dream is lost in never never land...

Then this morning while watching the weather channel, I saw headlines that read,  Elizabeth Taylor dies.
Could this dream be coincidental. Remember "Elephant Walk" starring Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Finch, and Dana Andrews.

Sort of makes me wonder, Elephant, Elephant Walk. But I'll never know.

Then again, I always have strange or weird dreams, which is normal for me, and I'm sure there will be more to come,

So for me this strange dream will remain FOREVER YOUNG

FOREVER YOUNG/peace pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim, born in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey.  A woman who believed in peace. She gave up all her worldly possessions to walk 25,000 in the name of peace. She didn't want fame or fortune. She asked for neither.

When she walked for peace, it was with one purpose only, to meet and talk with others, and help them understand what peace would mean to them, and the world.

This truly was a task of love.  Maybe at times it was a difficult road to travel, but that didn't stop Peace Pilgrim from spreading the word. She fought for her beliefs, and never gave up.
That's a lesson to be learned. To believe in something, and to fight for it, regardless of what obstacles that stand in the way.

Peace Pilgrim, at one time had everything she needed, and gave it all up to walk 25,000 miles in the name of peace.

I admire her for her strength, her ambition, and her passion.

And whenever I feel like giving up, or just want to pack it in, because of the obstacles that stand in my way, I'm reminded of what Peace Pilgrim did, and what she fought for, and this helps me to get back on track again.

So Peace Pilgrim, you will always be FOREVER YOUNG