Saturday, February 19, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/ the remote

I'm sitting on my couch, as the February winds howl outside.  Then I pick up the remote by my side.  and begin to surf through the channels, for something good to watch.

The same movies, the same programs, over and over again, makes me wonder why I have cable.  It's hard to believe with over a hundred stations, I can't find anything interesting.

The only thing I can say, it's a sunny day, but dare I go outside, because the winds just might carry me away, and I would rather be inside, at least until the winds die down.

So once again I pick up my remote, surfing through all the channels, hoping to just find something.

and for me, it will be FOREVER YOUNG


Picked up a book at the library the other day. It was about the life of Ronald Reagan. We just celebrated Mr. Reagan's 100th birthday on Feb. 6th.

Mr. Reagan, was a kind hearted gentleman, with an irresistible smile, who liked to tell a joke or two, just to lighten up the atmosphere.   He definitely had charisma and knew how to handle a crowd.

I admire Mr. Reagan, because of his dedication and genuine love for our country. He fought for justice and freedom for all.  And he would do anything to protect our country from harms' way.  He sort of reminds me of Abe Lincoln...

Mr. Reagan came from humble beginnings. He was also a very shy young boy, yet this didn't stop him from excelling in everything he set out to do.  And one of them was becoming THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

He never made excuses of why he couldn't do anything, instead he did the opposite. he made things happen.  And that's why I admire him. He had determination, He dived into the many challenges set forth, and didn't back away from any challenge, because he fought for what was right... and he believed in America, and he believed in us.

So if you get a chance, read his life story, or tune in sometime to the History Channel and learn more about this wonderful, kind-hearted man.

Mr. Reagan will always be FOREVER YOUNG