Saturday, January 21, 2017

January 21, 2017

Hello everyone, for those who have viewed my blog, I appreciate your continued patronage.

It is finally over, the new President has been elected, and now we will see how united or how divided this country will be.. My only wishes are, to give President Trump the opportunity to make this country great and that he will try to abide by all the promises that he made, even though he will face many oppositions and  adversaries, who will not make it easy for him.. .

Now enough of that.. I want to say, the New Year started out great.. No drama, and that's what I like.. Less drama and more peace and quiet, and throw in some laughs and we are all set for the year to begin.

Don't we wish it would always be that way, but of course, life isn't a bowl of cherries and there will always be some drama in our lives, but hopefully we will get through them, and not give into the situations at hand.

My writing group is doing great.. many of them are anxious to get started on their projects and submit their work for publication.. I always wish them the best, for this field is very difficult, but persistence and acceptance of rejections, which is part of this industry will one day pay off. And before long, among all of those rejections, there will be an acceptance and your story or book will be published.

What an accomplishment..

I myself after a long siesta, very long indeed, am getting excited about writing something, even though it might not be a masterpiece, or for that matter a good story etc.. I am beginning.. and that's what is important.. For it will be for me, and not to prove to anyone else what I am capable or not capable of doing or achieving.

So for now, have a Great Beginning to the New Year/

And always stay FOREVER YOUNG