Friday, August 26, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/Hurricane Irene

It's a coming, Irene the hurricane, she's a coming.

People rushing everywhere, buying food, gas and items they will need, in case the electricity goes out.

For mother nature is an unpredictable entity. Fickle, and unsure of what path it wants to take, but once her mind is made up, well all I can say, don't stand in her way.  Because this time her bite will be worst then her bark....and yes I know I'm comparing Hurricane Irene to a dog.. Just thought I would throw in a little bit humor...   Did I make you smile, just a little?

But really, I want this storm to go away, and pray everyone listens to the news, and do as they say.

I can hear you right now, " many times the weather man has been wrong", yes I will agree, "but many times they've been right", and if anything,  just think of the practice you'll get if there ever was a national disaster....  And I'm hoping this is not one of them. because Irene will affect millions, including myself and my family.

But if we keep our heads on tight, that's all we can do......  because it will be one hell of a ride, probably one we'll never forget for a long long time...

So therefore your story, my story, about Hurricane Irene, will always be FOREVER YOUNG