Friday, June 24, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/my visit to the doctors

My trip to the doctors was pretty interesting. It's been some time since my last physical, It's been almost two years since my last check up. Yes I know you should go at least one year, but I just don't like going to the doctors, does anyone?

The doctor came into the room, asked some questions and then took my blood pressure, which I haven't taking medicine for in over a year, (my choice), and you know what, my blood pressure was down... My diet and eating habits have changed, which brought down my blood pressure.

Now I'm not saying no one should take blood pressure pills, Everyone's body is different..... But I decided this was best for me, since the pills were making me sick.

So now it was time for my EKG.  What do you think happened?   You'll never guess. I was all hooked up to the machine, but when the medical assistant looked at the results, it came out in a straight line. and it should have being going up and down etc...We both laughed, "Maybe I'm a robot, I said, after all robots don't have a heart." and then laughed again.

But after three more times, the results still came out in a straight line. It can only happen to me... Now I was beginning to think if I was alive or not. lol But I was still breathing, thank God.  

Finally after the fourth test, the machine finally kicked in, which re-affirmed my belief that I really do have a heart.  Although for a moment, it gave me quite a scare. I was beginning to wonder if I really existed .lol.

Therefore my heart and me will always be FOREVER YOUNG