Thursday, January 30, 2014

FOREVER YOUNG, my dogs will always make me feel.

As you know, I've been trying to write in my blog, and everyday, I say to myself, I have to write something, but time just slips away, and before I know it, it's already tomorrow.

I wanted to let everyone know, that I have a new addition to my family.  His name is Toby, but sometimes, I like to call him Mr. T, for Trouble, because he certainly likes to test me. You see he is a little toy poodle, red in color, and weights just about 3lbs, and probably the way he eats, will hit six... but he won't get big..... and he likes to chew on everything. He puts things in his mouth, and I have to quickly take it out before he chokes..... not used to that...anymore.. He also pees everywhere he can, but for some reason he'll poop on the paper, go figure that one.  I know, I know this sounds gross but it is funny, and it's too cold to take him outside yet, but he's getting better each day, and for that I 'm thankful...

He was my Christmas gift, and something I never expected. When my daughter came to visit three weeks before Christmas, she was carrying something in her arms, and I immediately thought she got a new puppy, but instead she said Merry Christmas, mom, he belongs to you.  My children and husband thought I should have my own dog, and they all chipped in to give me one.. and since I already have two dogs, whom I love dearly, Ralph and Clyde, but stick to my husband like glue,  I will surely make Toby my own... well, I can at least try my best... although he has already taken to everyone in the family, and really all my dogs are family dogs... 

But nothing like a little puppy to bring laughter in the house. And he makes my other two get up off their lazy butts, and join in the fun. He makes them run after him, he tries to bite them, and he reaches into their bowls, to steal their food.  

My dog Ralph taught him to sit with one leg resting on his butt, and Clyde taught him to bark at nothing. Try listening to three dogs bark in to my ears.

Well I'm going to leave it at that, and I know there will be many more stories to share...

So let me end this by saying,  Ralph, Clyde and Toby will always make me feel, FOREVER YOUNG.

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