Sunday, February 19, 2012

FORVER YOUNG/rye bread and chicken

Okay this is not about eating rye bread or chicken, it's about going to the grocery store and buying rye bread and chicken.

First let's start with the RYE BREAD.  I went to the  bakery department, and looked for marble rye bread. BUT  I didn't realize it was from another store, until I approached a girl from the bakery, and asked if they had this particular marble rye bread. That's when I admitted my error.

But I guess this girl,  felt the need to give me a lesson on marble rye bread, since she's the one who does all the ordering.

Any other time, I might have been more patient,  but since I spent hours at the hospital with my mom,. I really didn't need this, and I already had picked out another rye bread, which I was holding in my hand.

But still this girl insisted on telling me there is no difference between marble rye bread, and jewish rye marble rye bread, etc..etc.. But I didn't like the latter, because it was too hard. Nothing against the Jewish rye bread.... it was a matter of preference, which I tried to explain to this girl, and again she tried to give me her expert opinion..

Now my patience finally at its limit, so I proceeded to tell her, "I've shopped at this grocery store for sixteen years, and I've never had a dispute over something so ridiculous as RYE BREAD"....

She of course apologized for getting me so upset, but that wasn't until I told her, my mom was in the hospital. And that I was already upset, and didn't need this aggravation over rye bread.

I guess if it had been under different circumstances, I would have been more tolerant of this LIFE'S LESSON, and probably would have laughed  at the whole situation.

But on that day, all I wanted to do was SCREAM and shout, and then RUN away from her, and her analogy on RYE BREAD,

Now on to the CHICKEN.  Since I was too tired to cook, I bought two roasted cooked chickens and of course some sides of potato salad, and cole slaw and of course the RYE BREAD.

And then I walked up front, and placed my items on a counter, with no light or person at the register. I assumed it was safe to go back and grab the applesauce which I had forgotten.. but not without telling another cashier, that I was leaving my things on the counter behind her.  But when I returned, my CHICKENS, along with my other items were gone.

Like an idiot, I walked up and down the aisle searching for my chickens..  and shouting, "where did I leave them",  I knew they couldn't have jumped off the counter and run then a little voice shouted back, "I have them over here."

They were at the same place I originally left them... only the light was on, a customer was in line, and a cashier, who wasn't there before, was showing me where she placed my chickens. Right next to her, at the register...

But I must say, before that cashier responded to my plea, I thought, I was losing my mind... which isn't hard to do these days....

Comical to say the least, but since I spent four hours at the hospital, And I was really tired,  I really didn't need to add this to my already full  and emotional plate... wouldn't you agree..

Rye Bread and Chicken, will never be FOREVER YOUNG.