Friday, July 6, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/my mom's strength lives on

As my blog followers know, I've written some stories about my mom, and wanted to let you know, that she passed away a few days ago.

My mom fought many battles and struggled all in her life to survive. Working many jobs to support myself and my brother and sister.   She could have given up many times, but didn't. She could have felt sorry for herself, but didn't. she just kept plugging away, doing the best she could under any given circumstances, regardless of the many obstacles that stood in her way. Because she always hoped for the best outcome....  

I was one of the fortunate ones, to see my mom live to the age of 88.  Not many have that opportunity, So I was truly blessed. I never knew my grandparents.... but my kids knew mom... what a gift I was given that she  lived so long to see my children grow up, as well as my brothers and sisters children.  She will be missed... so I celebrate my mom's life, that's how she would have wanted it.

Mom would say, stop crying, it gets me upset, so I will try not to, but as you all know, that can be an impossible request..... but as time moves forward, I know it will become less painful, and I will have the memories, which  are deeply embedded in my heart..

So mom, you will always be FOREVER YOUNG