Friday, January 27, 2012

FOREVER good day, better then none

the last few days have been, the days from Hell.....

My mother is sick, and the Dr's don't know what's wrong.  Last week she had a blood test, and the person who drew the blood, scratched and didn't press down on the gauze. All she did was tape it up, and that's when my mom's arms got severely bruised, swelled up and infected.. she's 88 years old, does she need this.

Not to  mention, other things are going on with her... but really can't go on with that, it will only make me emotional.

Just to imagine you're find one week, and the next it's all downhill from there.. one never knows what's going to happen in your life, but everyone including me, should live each day to its fullest, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

And on top of that, no sofa for my mom.. you are not going to believe this, but there is another delay in the delivery and now their saying mid-feb, which is way beyond the 8 weeks, which I was never told to begin with, that it was a special order.... so my husband wrote an e-mail to the owner of the company asking for our money back, and a great dig to go with it, if you know what I mean... and to be courteous to give him a phone call.  We shall see what happens..

But isn't this life....  not ever a dull moment, and I imagine you have plenty of things going on in your life as well.

So I guess when we have a happy day, we should take well advantage of it, because unfortunately the stress and aggravation outweigh the good ones..

Still I will take one good happy day, over none...... FOREVER YOUNG