Sunday, June 10, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/writers have a difficult job, but..

I'm having serious writer's block.. now I wonder,  is it because my ideas are just disappearing from my mind.....  this too shall pass... lol.

So here is my theory.

Writer's have a difficult job. They need to be creative. They have to come up with original ideas, or take an old idea and reconstruct it, to make it feel new. They also have to make their readers happy, and make sure they want to keep reading their stories.

But that's the beauty of being a writer.. They can use their imagination, make up places and characters.  Or use real characters and circumstances, and write  about them in a creative non-fiction way.

Writer's  can take the reader on a journey, long or short. They make it possible for the reader to travel, to feel, to fantasize, through the written word.  What a great reward for the writer.

And without writer's,  there wouldn't be stories,  films,  or plays.. there wouldn't be journalist,  reporters, or documentaries. And even advertisers need writers to promote their products.

And let's not forget the editor, who the writer depends on, and vice versa for publication.

Writer's are artist.  They are full of creativity, and want to keep on writing for as long as they can, no matter how old they are.

So I'm proud to call myself a writer, but in the same content, it can be a very difficult job, but I don't mine.

Because I love the arts. I love the written word. But most of all I love the freedom to express myself, and to be able to put my words on paper, knowing that I've created something worthwhile to be proud of.

And therefore, writing will always be my passion, not necessarily my bread and butter, but one can only hope that one day it will be, after all I'm only human, right?