Friday, March 16, 2012

FOREVER YOUNG/just chit-chat...and rambling on

Finally broke down, and bought another cell phone, not one on contract, don't ever want that. But I did get a card with unlimited calling and texting, so I don't have to be concern about the minutes. At least it's better then paying 80.00 a month for a certain amount of minutes, don't you agree?

It's been another hectic week going to doctors with my mom, but I' m very fortunate to have her still with us.... she's such a feisty woman, that I believe nothing can stop her... for 88 years young, she is a walking miracle, and who says there aren't miracles in this world.  If we all look close enough, I believe there is one everyday.. And I'm saying this for my own benefit, because as a human,  I have my doubts as well, and always forget to look right in front of me, or to  leave destiny in the hands of a higher power.. Faith and belief... two beautiful words... I surely need to abide by these words...

And  to all my loyal followers, and for those who just read my blog now and then, I thank you for tuning in. I really do appreciate it. And I will continue to share my adventures, thoughts etc, and will try to choose one artist a month to talk about , and hope that you will find interest.

And on a personal note, as I've said so many times before, you're never too old to dream,. It's making those dreams realistic, now that's the trial and tribulations of life, don't you agree?   So I will never procrastinate, um, well I cannot tell a lie, I do sometimes, but not for long, because I give myself a good scolding, and then begin the process of doing what I love the most, and that is to write.... and therefore I am determine to make this dream come alive, even if it's for myself.

Because if I write for myself, that's okay, because I'm the most important person, and have to please my own appetite and passion for what I love to do, isn't this true of anything you want or do in life..

If you make yourself happy, then you can make others happy.. but if your unhappy, and try to make others happy, then you become a miserable person... now I just have to take my own advice when it comes to this, because it seems all my life, I've tried to make others happy, and completely ignore my own needs.... So it only took um, not giving away my age, a very long time to begin this transaction,..

This doesn't mean I  still don't want to make others happy, it just means I have to give some happiness to myself,  and not go overboard with the other... like I'm sure many of us tend to do.

So my chit chat and rambling on will always be FOREVER YOUNG