Monday, February 3, 2014

FOREVER YOUNG-day after the Super Bowl

Today is Monday, a day after the Super Bowl, and most dread because it's after the weekend, and one never knows what condition you'll be in. So for those who partied too much during and after the big game,  I suggest you take a couple of Alka Seltzers, that will surely take away your upset stomach. And for those who didn't watch the Super Bowl, and instead tuned into all your favorite shows, or movies, well, it's time now to concentrate on that ugly computer you'll have to face at work, staring at you waiting for you to make your first entry of the day.

I also hope you enjoyed all the great ads, because from what I saw, the Super Bowl certainly didn't live up to a great game, that it should have been..

And unfortunately the weather here isn't that great, because right now I'm looking at rain, rain and more rain... and who knows, they say snow will soon follow, I really hope not. I've had my share of the winter cold and snow to last until next year, but it seems Mr. Groundhog has sentenced us to six more weeks of this wintry mess... Can we really handle that. I know I can't....  Spring, please, please come forward....

Now it's time to go, have a great day, no matter how you feel, because there is a Sunshine somewhere, if it's not in the weather, it surely is in your heart.