Sunday, April 24, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/Easter time..

Today many people will celebrate Easter Sunday, and the kids will wake up, and find their Easter Baskets full of goodies, and maybe there will be a gift or two waiting for them.

And later on they will get dress in their brand new Easter clothes, and go to Church, or visit their grandparents, or maybe just stay at home.

Our family tradition.. Every Easter, we took a long ride, and ate Easter dinner at a nice restaurant.

Those were the best days. Memories that will always be treasured.

But there was one particular Easter, and we were sitting in the car, ready to leave, and guess what, the car wouldn't start.  Didn't know what was wrong, but our Easter Outing ended, right there on our front lawn..

I don't remember what I cooked for dinner, but I believe it was something simple, since I didn't defrost anything.  It was disappointing, but you know what, it still was a great family day, because we were all together.

The family unit, I fear is becoming a loss treasure. Life gets in the way, and everyone is too busy, each going their separate ways.

But  I will always be thankful, and blessed, that we had those family moments together, because they can never be replaced, because children grow up so fast, and you can only enjoy their childhood years one time around. There is no second chance.

Yes Easter and many other days with my family will always be FOREVER YOUNG