Saturday, April 23, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/worry to be replaced, with concern.

I want the word WORRY, to be erased from the dictionary forever...  Who thought of that word anyway.

I can't stand the fact, that whenever you're concerned about something or someone, you are labeled a worry wart....

And is there a reason why the word wart, was attached to worry.   Like if you worry, then a wart, pops up, and then it  spreads like wildfire.    Who wants warts anyway, ugly little sores...... I should know, when I was a little girl, I had them all over my hands.. It was a virus, my doctor said.. and I'm thankful, they never appeared again.......

Maybe worrying is like a virus....... and that's why they attached the word wart to it.. but worry wart will no longer be in my vocabulary. Instead I prefer to use the word Concern.

It makes me feel more comfortable, when someone says to me, don't be too concerned, or what are you concerned about? Rather then say, "what are you worry about, or don't be so worry about it"... etc.

The word Worry has a negative meaning vs the word Concern, which has a positive and caring meaning..... therefore I'm not worry, I'm  concerned..

And for me, CONCERN... will always be FOREVER YOUNG