Saturday, January 21, 2017

January 21, 2017

Hello everyone, for those who have viewed my blog, I appreciate your continued patronage.

It is finally over, the new President has been elected, and now we will see how united or how divided this country will be.. My only wishes are, to give President Trump the opportunity to make this country great and that he will try to abide by all the promises that he made, even though he will face many oppositions and  adversaries, who will not make it easy for him.. .

Now enough of that.. I want to say, the New Year started out great.. No drama, and that's what I like.. Less drama and more peace and quiet, and throw in some laughs and we are all set for the year to begin.

Don't we wish it would always be that way, but of course, life isn't a bowl of cherries and there will always be some drama in our lives, but hopefully we will get through them, and not give into the situations at hand.

My writing group is doing great.. many of them are anxious to get started on their projects and submit their work for publication.. I always wish them the best, for this field is very difficult, but persistence and acceptance of rejections, which is part of this industry will one day pay off. And before long, among all of those rejections, there will be an acceptance and your story or book will be published.

What an accomplishment..

I myself after a long siesta, very long indeed, am getting excited about writing something, even though it might not be a masterpiece, or for that matter a good story etc.. I am beginning.. and that's what is important.. For it will be for me, and not to prove to anyone else what I am capable or not capable of doing or achieving.

So for now, have a Great Beginning to the New Year/

And always stay FOREVER YOUNG

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sorry I missed yesterday entry into my blog, but honestly there was nothing worth writing about.  So today, I would like to share an article that I recently found with you.  The name of this piece is "The Man of Great Importance."

Many years ago some soldiers were engaged in the repair of some fortifications. Directing the operations was a pompous little officer who gave his commands in a very loud voice.

The men were trying to get a beam of timber to the top of a mound, but they were not strong enough. One more pair of arms and the work would have been easy.

Yet, the officer did not offer to help in any way. He simply stood and shouted his commands, mixing these with abuse of the soldiers for their failure in the task.

"Now, you fellows," he shouted, "put your backs into it! Heave ho! Don't stand looking at it---move it!

A gentleman dressed as a civilian, who happened to be walking by, stopped and watched the proceedings, and then asked the officer why he did not help.

"Are you aware who I am, sir?" asked the officer, with indignation and astonishment. "I am a corporal."

"You are not, though are you?" said the other." "I was not aware of that, and I am sure I beg your pardon."

Then the new-comer threw off his coat, and going to the little group, of perspiring men, lent a hand, so that the timber was soon in position. The officer did not even thank the gentleman for his help, but as the civilian put on his coat again he said quietly: "The next time you have a task of this kind in hand, sir, and have not enough men, just send to me, and I will come and help."

"May I ask who you are? inquired the corporal haughtily.

"Yes, sir," replied the gentleman. "You will always find me by addressing a letter or sending a messenger to the headquarters tent. My name is George Washington, and I am commander-in-chief of the army. Good day sir!"

The civilian walked away, and the pompous corporal stood still, too deeply chagrined for speech.

Thank you for allowing me to share this article with you.. and the.. lesson learned, you are never too big or too important to help those in need. 


Monday, January 9, 2017

Remember the song Baby it's Cold Outside.. Well it's freezing, and I really don't want to go out today, but hopefully it will warm up by this afternoon, for it's off to the dentist for a teeth cleaning, which I am not looking forward to.   Does anyone really like going to the dentist?
Now for those who might be interested, I will try desperately to make this a productive day. Maybe share with you some excerpts of my story, when it's almost complete, that is. 

Still trying to find my niche... but as we all know feelings are difficult to deal with.. We don't want to face them, so we just ignore them, and go about our day as if nothing bothers us.. when in reality it does. And as a writer, you put your feelings in everything you write, whether it be fiction or fact, for there is always some ounce of truth in either genre.

Inside of me our plenty of stories, but I ask myself are they meaningful to me, and is it worth writing about, or will someone actually read, what I've written....

For negative criticism is always difficult to swallow, yet as we all know in life, somewhere and sometime, we have been criticized for one thing or another, and it doesn't sit well, does it? In fact we begin to second guess everything we do and say.. When in fact, we should stand by our beliefs and our work, and only accept the Constructive Critique that is said out of caring, and wanting you to succeed in all you do..

Writers, I believe  need self assurance, and really want to please their readers. At least for me, this is true. But a writer also has to fulfill their needs as well.. They need to be true to themselves, and feel pleased with what they have written.

So remember whatever you do in life, or whatever goals you set for yourself, and no matter how young or old you are, stand by your beliefs, and don't be discouraged, for after all no one is perfect, and we don't live in a perfect world.

Just know that everyday you wake up, it's a new beginning, and new adventures.. and who knows, whatever you choose to do in life, just continue to follow your dream, and if you handle constructive critique, and ignore the negative, you will be successful in your own right.

What more can you ask for, then that.

Till tomorrow


Sunday, January 8, 2017

It's Sunday, a peaceful  and quiet day. I'd like to think, that I was very productive, but unfortunately not the way, I wanted to be..

I did begin a new story,  at least it was something, but still I should have written more, but couldn't. and stopped.. need to get those creative juices flowing..

It's not easy if you are a writer, regardless if you're a beginner or pro.  you understand... it's taking that first page, and putting words on it, that hopefully makes some kind of sense without ripping it apart or deleting everything and starting all over again.. which could take forever...

Still I will not give up, for sooner or later, I will have a finished product...


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Today the snow is falling...

Today the snow is falling, and I'm stuck in the house, but that's okay.. It's been a productive and peaceful day.

I will begin my writing journey soon. It will start off slowly, but I will take one sentence, one page at a time.... don't know what I will write about, but I've plenty of projects to review, but never finished, so that will be my beginning, in fact it just might lead me onto another project.  Oh the mystery of it all. lol...

I'm also not looking for stardom, or for that matter making lots of money .. I am on a journey of rediscovering myself.. to write from the inside out, and not from the outside in.. I want true heart in what I say, whether it be fiction or fact.. for with every fiction there are certain amounts of truth hidden in the words that are written ..... after all most books are based on someone or something..

So until tomorrow... stay warm, stay cool, stay calm, and stay true but don't stay blue... positive thinking, brings positive results...


Friday, January 6, 2017

Hi Everyone.

Well it's been a long time since I've written on my blog. A lot has happened over the last four years. My mother passed away, as well as my aunt, uncle, two brother in laws and two close friends.

I know everyone faces this time in their lives, but when it comes full force, it's like you are numb from the inside out, and just going through the motions of existing.

Now I feel my feet are finally on the ground. A lot to be happy about.. My daughter's wedding, a grandson who is just the light of my life, wish I could see him more often, but lives too far away, and my sons who are successful in their own right.

I have so much to be thankful for..

I also re-started my Writing Group, which was dormant during my dark times, but now I have members that I hopefully will help guide them on their way to publishing their stories, or just writing for the pure pleasure of writing.. they are also helping me get back into my writing mode, which also has been non- existent all this time.

Of course when you are older, it's more difficult to get that blood flowing, to jumpstart your body and mind to be creative, but now I'm hopefully on my way...

Everyone if you are out there, have a great and blessed day... may the New Year bring you much health, and prosperity.. let's make this year a good one.