Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/a writer's life is lonely, or is it?

A Writer's life. is lonely.  Or is it?  And my answer is No.  Because a writer has their characters, to keep them company..

A Writer communicates with their characters.

A writer determines their characters outcome,  They can make their character lovable, kind, rich, poor or famous. Because the writer controls their destiny.

A writer, has fun with their characters. Putting them in all kinds of situations. ex. peril, comedy, and drama.  But whatever it is, the character never leaves the writer's side, that is until the author decides otherwise.

A writer is very important, because without the writer, there would be no films, tv shows, books, magazines, and newspapers. etc.. for people to read, or act...

Therefore, I am a writer. I enjoy being with my characters. They make my life seem  dull compare to theirs.  I can go on an adventure with them, and live through their eyes, and listen through their ears, and speak in their voice.

I love making my characters come alive.  They are my friends, and my constant companions, and when I'm finished with my project, I'm sad, because it's time to say goodbye..

That is until another story pops into my head, and I make new character friends.

So for me Writing will always be FOREVER YOUNG