Sunday, February 24, 2013

FOREVER YOUNG- a lazy Sunday

Sunday, a lazy day for me. I just want to sit back and not think or worry about anything, even though my brain sometimes doesn't want to shut off, but I will give it my best shot.

Hope everyone has a beautiful day.. nothing new to report except I've sent my script out, and now it's just waiting for the feedback.... and tomorrow I will write the next page in my short play.. there are only 10 pages and the next one will be six, with four more to go.

Let me know what you think after the full ten pages are posted...  I would appreciate that, if not, well I hope you enjoyed reading about Van Gogh and there will be more pages to follow down the road.

so take care

and try to have a day of rest, and spend time with loved ones, or friends, because Sundays will always be


Sunday, February 10, 2013

FOREVER YOUNG- snow isn't my thing

Hello to all who visit my blog.  I will be continuing to share my one act play about Van Gogh's Dilemma tomorrow, but wanted to just pop in, just to say hello.

Looking outside my window, I can see the once snow covered streets and grass are quickly melting, which I'm thankful for, since I've lived in the mountain region for many years, and had to fight my way through snow and ice etc.  Not to mention as a child growing up in a big city, I also had to fight that cold and snowy weather.

So for me, snow isn't my thing... because I've had enough to last a lifetime. 

And yes, I realize many of you love snow, and can't wait to go skiing, and sit by the fireplace with your friends or loved one, drinking hot chocolate, or having a warm toddy to drink. And that sounds good to me, (yes us old folks like that as well), but I can do that without all the white powdery stuff.

So right at this moment, the sun is shining bright, and warming up, melting the snow, and I'm feeling happy and full of energy...well not quite energetic, because it is late noon, and in the afternoon, one tends to get lazy........ but still I'll sit back and enjoy what's left, of this beautiful day.

So as you know, snow isn't for me, but I'm afraid it will always stick around, and therefore will always be FOREVER YOUNG