Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/my uncle, 88, loves to dance

My uncle loves to dance. and  I've already written a blog about him impersonating Elvis, and how he put away his sparkling suit, at the tender age of eighty-five.

Well my mom called  him yesterday. She hadn't heard from him in a while, and wanted to make sure he was okay. He told her, his dancing feet were back on the dance floor again. Okay he didn't quite say it like that, but he did tell her he's back to dancing.

I'm so amazed that my uncle, at eighty-eight years old is dancing and swinging away. And with another companion who feels the same way. I believe she's in her eighties as well.

And no, he's not impersonating  Elvis. Still he probably might do some of his moves, because Elvis's moves are hard to forget... and knowing my uncle, and how he loves to entertain, I wouldn't put it pass him to try..  Where does he get all that energy. I know younger men and woman, who get tired half way through a dance, and then need to sit down.

But as you know life is too short, and my uncle is living proof of that.  I hope he has many more years, to dance his feet away....on the dance floor of course.

so my uncle will always be, in my eyes, FOREVER YOUNG

FOREVER YOUNG/Lena Horn and Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather, Stormy Weather, words of a titled song, sung by Lena Horn, who came into this world like a storm, and left us with an everlasting impression of a beautiful, soulful and gifted woman, whose voice captured the hearts of many.

And Stormy Weather which leaves its  mark on homes, cars or  whoever, or whatever stands in its way. Also leaving an everlasting impression.

So Lena and  Stormy Weather, both powerful, both strong, but one gave us joy, while the other gives us destruction and loss.

Unfortunately and sad, that Lena Horn has passed on, While Stormy Weather will continue to strike again, and again, and again. with no end in sight. Because mother nature, will always have her way.

So Stormy weather, please don't be