Thursday, June 2, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/life is full of paper

Life is full of paper, that's right, paper.

All the papers you find in your house, or office. In your pocketbook, wallet or wherever else those sneaky little papers might be hiding.

And while you're tearing up the papers you don't need, more papers pop out at you. Then suddenly you stop because you see a piece of paper you've been searching for since last week, and now that you've found it, it's too late, oh well, what's done is done..

Still you have to laugh....Because It's like the never ending story, only it's the never ending papers.

And even though we are in the computer era, and most of our work is done on the computer, what about the copies you need to make, or scan. What about the bills that keep coming in the mail, and what about the leases or loans that are made.

And yes, we know technology is great, but I believe no matter what society invents, paper will always be a necessary part of our lives, and our security. We need to feel and see what's in front of us. We need reassurance that all is the way it should be.

Paper also proves where we were born, and how old we are. and yes even the dreaded medicare card. Not to mention your social security, driver's license, and insurance card.  And let's not forget the passport, if you want to travel overseas, or the most important voter's card, to prove which party you're associated with, and last but not least the library card, which you don't need but is a must, if you want take out that book you've been waiting to read for months, because it's free.

Yes I believe paper will never disappear. And if it ever does, it will be like losing a close friend.

But who knows, years and years from now, society might decide to imprint us with a mark, to prove who, and what we are.... let's just pray and hope it never comes to that, for Freedom is not just a word, it's a Promise.

So for me, paper will always remain FOREVER YOUNG