Thursday, June 23, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/ my outing with my mom and the seniors

Had a nice day with my mom yesterday. One of her friends won a free party for ten plus guests, at Hooters, if you can believe that.

So my mom asked me to come with them. Mine you, I was the only young person on this bus other then the bus driver, who was taking us to the Trop.

It was great watching these seniors enjoy their wings and pitchers of beer, that's right beer. Even seniors drink beer especially with wings, which can make you pretty thirsty.. And they also ate onion rings and french fries.  Now that's a lot of fry foods and grease for the seniors, but at their stage in the game, so what, they enjoyed every ounce of food that came their way.

I for one just enjoyed the experience. They were funny, happy, and they had more energy then some young people I know. So being a senior is not so bad, after all it's just around the corner for me....well not just around the corner, maybe a few blocks away, okay maybe a couple of miles, but I'll be there someday and hopefully I too, will have the spunk and energy they have.  God Bless the Seniors..

Therefore that's why I'll always believe, seniors will be FOREVER YOUNG.  If not in body, then in  mind...