Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/a writer stirs up the pot

Tuesday and the weather promises to be a hot and humid one.

So today I've decided to stay indoors and finish writing that story I've been working on for a couple of months now.  It's only 700 words, but still a challenge because it's about something personal in my life.

When a writer decides to tell their story about certain incidents in their life, it brings back memories some  good, while some are not. And frankly who wants to stir up the pot. But stirring up the pot is what a writer does. They allow their feelings to be exposed. Because someone out there who reads their story, will know if the writer is genuine or not. Regardless if you write non-fiction or fiction.

Readers know when certain facts in your story are right or wrong. After all a writer can't say the Empire State Building is in Washington D.C when it's in New York City.

Writers have a certain responsibility to their readers. Because just like any other artists, they play a big part in society's way of thinking. They can change your mind or not. They can make you a believer or not. they can destroy someone's life,..or not

They can fictionalize a non-fiction situation, and make the reader believe it comes from a  writer's imagination. And most of it does, but still facts do play a big part in stories.   Unless it's Fantasy.  But still I believe even writing Fantasy, there is some sense of truth, in what the writer says.

Yes being a writer, is a wonderful talent to have, and it's also a very responsible one at that.

And that's why I love to write. Because if I can help one person, or one situation, or bring some joy and happiness to the reader, then I've achieved my purpose, and to me that spells success.

Writing for me, will always be, FOREVER YOUNG