Monday, February 28, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/superstitions

Superstition, how I hate that word. Maybe it's because I grew up with an Italian mother ...

I'f you step on a crack while walking, it means bad luck.  If you walk under a ladder, that also meant bad luck. And if you laugh too much, you'll cry tomorrow.  And of course if you break a mirror you'll have seven years of bad luck, not to  mention whenever you spill salt, you must throw it over your shoulder to prevent the evil spirits from coming after you...

And if  you drop a fork, it means company and if you drop a knife, it meant trouble is brewing, but I don't remember what it means if you drop a spoon, oh well.  And the best of them all, if your palm itches, you'll  receive money, now that superstition, I definitely can live with.

Also the fear of going anywhere, again I thank my Italian mother.. Maybe that's why to this day, I'm not a world class traveler and I'm afraid to get on an elevator....but  I have no choice, especially because my mother lives in a senior citizen complex and you have to take an elevator to get to her apartment. And believe it or not, that's when my mother cured herself of elevator-itis.... my own word.  I like it..

But you have to love my  mom, she meant well.... it was something she was taught, and passed it on to me and my siblings, but I'm thankful it ended there. I never gave this wonderful gift to my children, and for that I'm very proud of..  and now that my children are all grown up, and I know whenever they have a family, they will not inherit my superstitious upbringing.

So today,  I abolished many of my superstitions, but some are still part of my life.......

And therefore, for me Superstition is FOREVER YOUNG


 I thought the day was going to be bright and shiny, but looking out the window, it seems there's a storm a brewing. Wonder when the downpour will begin, and better yet when will it go away.

Still this should not dampen my desire to accomplish some things today, then again there's always tomorrow.


FOREVER YOUNG-there's always tomorrow

The sun is shining, the temps are high, and hopefully today, I will do something worthwhile. But if I don't, there's always tomorrow, isn't that what Vivian Leigh said in Gone With The Wind.

She put off today, what she can do tomorrow,

Maybe that's a good way to be.  If I'm stressed out and don't feel right, I might have regrets, so it's better to wait for another day when my head is on straight, but then again, if I keep putting off what I have to do, then it will never get done. What to do...

Yes the tomorrows will hopefully keep coming, but there will be a time when tomorrow is today, and I have to deal with anything that may come my way Or will I keep repeating "I won't think about it today, I'll think about it tomorrow."

So for me the tomorrows will always be FOREVER  YOUNG.