Saturday, April 16, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/plans delayed, for another day

Today, we were going to see my aunt, who is ninety years old.  She's my mom's sister, and we  haven't seen her since last year.

My husband took off from work, so he could drive us.....and my mom slept over our house, because it was easier to leave from there.

But what happened.  The weather.  The unpredictable lousy weather.

The weather channel predicted, heavy rains, and wind, only it wouldn't start until 5 pm, that was last night's report, but naturally this morning, the weather report changed its forecast to this afternoon, and that's the reason we didn't go.

So I made the dreaded call. My aunt and cousin understood. in fact, it was already raining where they lived... so over-all we made the right decision, but I was really disappointed.  

Now our plans are delayed for other day, another time, and let's just hope the weather man's forecast calls for a bright and sunny day, when once again, we make plans to visit my aunt.

Oh yes, the weather, will always remain unpredictable, FOREVER YOUNG