Thursday, April 14, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/yes, I love my car

Yes I love my car.    

I've had my car for ten years.  It's been a good friend to me. Never giving me any problems, except the usual that comes along with getting old....

Is this possible, being in love with your car.  It's become part of me, a part of my life. I'm used to the way it operates, and the comfort it gives me when I'm driving and the security of knowing, it will get me to where I'm going...  It's like being married for a long long time, you don't want something new, because you've invested all your time and energy, into the one you have.

But I fear, the time is drawing near... and the tears will come, and then in time, will subside, and once again, I will have to break in another one, get to know its ways, and how it operates.... but memories of my car, will always live in my heart

Yes I'm in love with my car, and for me it will always be FOREVER YOUNG