Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/what a day

By late afternoon,  it started raining like cats and dogs. An old saying, don't know who invented it, but people have been using this simile for years.... But if it really rained cats and dogs,  that would be one for the guinness book of records.

Okay enough about the weather...  What did I do today, well  I'm happy to say, I finally got my hair cut,  so now I feel like a new woman, well not exactly new, I just took the old body, and put a new hair style on my head, and what do you have, a half-new person.

Then made a  quick stop to the dollar store.. which is like going  into a candy store, and buying all the candy you want, and never really getting enough..

And then it was time to check out.  But a woman from the next  aisle over distracted everyone from their task. She wanted to exchange the shoes she bought, for the same  type of shoes she was wearing.   And proceeded to show the cashier the shoes she was wearing.

That's right.  Shoes.... Did you know the dollar store sold shoes, well they Don't, and that's what the cashier tried telling this woman, but she kept insisting she bought them there, and kept showing the cashier her shoes, and again the cashier kept telling her, that she didn't get those shoes at this store.

And honestly the cashier had the patience of a saint.  because this was a dollar store, and the shoes she wanted to exchange were definitely more expensive then a dollar.

This went on for about three or four minutes. when the woman finally said to the cashier, isn't this such and such....store.. The cashier smiled, and said No, you are at the wrong store, and then told her, if the dollar store sold shoes like those, everyone would be buying them here, including me.

The woman then said, well since I'm in line you might as well ring the other things up. As if the scene she just made, never happened, and that's when I took my bags, and walked out the door laughing... now that really made my day...

So this was a strange day, for being FOREVER YOUNG.

FOREVER YOUNG/I treasure each moment with mom.

As you know yesterday was Monday, and because it was Monday, and just one of those days, oh, didn't the Mama and Papa's sing that song.  I was just a kid of course..

Well anyway, I didn't write on my blog,  So I'll pretend it's Monday, and will catch up to tuesday later..

I went to visit my mom.   I treasure each moment with her...  She's eighty-seven, but looks and acts like sixty-five. But does anyone, ever want to see their mom get old.   I know I don't..

And maybe that's why she still treats me as if  I'm Ten years old.  and that's why, we  always argue, because she never sees me as an adult... ...but again, I just have to laugh,  because I know, she'll never change, and in my heart, I don't want her to, because she just wouldn't be mom..

and every day, she calls at a certain time, just to say  hello, and I never want that day to end...

 I pray that we have many more days and years to spend, together..

Monday, , it was a beautiful day to visit my mom...

because treasure moments with her, will always be, FOREVER YOUNG