Monday, August 29, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/share your stories

For those who read my blog. and for those who are new to my blog, please share your Hurricane news with me..

And for those on the West Coast, share your earthquake stories..

And for those in other countries, please share your weather related stories as well.

In the comment section of my blog....

thank you, and I look forward to reading them..


FOREVER YOUNG/finally Electricity

Thank God that we survived Hurricane Irene. It could have been much worst and more devastating but we were spared and I'm grateful for that.  But other states didn't fare so well, and my prayers go out to the families who  lost loved ones.  And others who felt the brunt of Irene, and lost their homes as well.

My children, my life, even though their all grown up, as a mother you always worry, regardless,  and Thank God their okay and got through this horrific storm.

But I have to vent a little. For those who didn't heed the warnings to evaluate, shame on you.

Even though you got through the storm, and maybe wasn't as bad as predicted for your area, refusing to evaluate, could have placed rescue workers in harms way, if the storm did do severe damage. Hopefully, and regardless if you think mother nature will do you harm, please think twice before making that decision to stay. Be thankful, there are experts to guide you through the process, and who care about your safety and respect their orders.

Now on a lighter note.  We lost our power for two days, so do you think I would know not to ask my husband to turn on the light in the kitchen, so I can see what I'm cooking..... um.... yes we have a gas stove and was able to eat, and eat we did do, like my body really needed some extra pounds at my age, but light well that was another story.

So you see how the mind thinks, at least my mind..... makes one appreciate electricity more.  And since I've been though this many times while living in the Poconos, through many many snowstorms and blizzards, you sort of get used to not having electricity, or do you???

Well I guess for me, ELECTRICITY, will always be FOREVER YOUNG