Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/the smell of coffee in the air

Coffee. The potent smell filtering through the air.  The liquid flowing through my body, waking up all my senses.

Reminding me of a time, when my mom's coffee was perking on the stove, as she prepared for work, and I for school. And even though I never drank coffee, at such a young age, it still made me feel warm and cozy inside. A sense of family time, even if only for a few moments.

And when something is bothering me, I make pot of coffee, and somehow it makes me feel better. It relaxes me, and I look at things in a new way. You could say coffee wakes up the channels of my mind, and the reality of life is a little less intimidating.

And no matter how the coffee is made, whether it's perked, electric or drip,  The feeling is the same. A feeling I've come home, even though I'm sitting at my kitchen table.

Many decisions are made over a cup of coffee. You get to know someone over a cup of coffee. The warmth and smell of the coffee makes for better conversation. A cold atmosphere becomes warmer with a cup of coffee.

Yes the smell of coffee brewing, makes life a little bit easier to handle,  You somehow get through the day, and accomplished some, or most of what you intended to do.

So for me coffee will always be FOREVER YOUNG