Friday, April 8, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/Carlo my rescue bird

Now I've talked about my dogs, but shame on me for not mentioning my bird Carlo. He is a beautiful blue and white parakeet.

He has been with us for over seven years now. He's a rescue Bird.

At first Carlo, was very shy, and wouldn't acknowledge our presence. In fact, he just sat in his cage and just observed his surroundings. then slowly but surely, he got used to our voices, mind in particular.

He answers to his name, and chirps all the time, in fact, he never stops. Especially since we moved his cage into the living room. right next to the television.   And yes he even answers back to the people on tv, especially if  there is singing, or  music playing...

There is never a dull moment with Carlo, and add him to my other wonderful animals, it sometimes feels like I'm at the circus.

So stay tune, there's more to say about this lively, entertaining bird. Carlo.


FOREVER YOUNG/the waiting game

The waiting game. No matter what you want to do in life, you're always playing the waiting game.

You wait in line at the bank, just to make a deposit. And of course there's never enough. You keep waiting to win that lottery, so it will make your life a little easier, and when you don't win, well, you keep waiting for your boat to come in.

You wait in line at the grocery store, and your that close to the cashier, but the person in front of you, can't find her money, or searches for a coupon, so she can save ten cents on an item,  And now your trapped, because you've already placed your items on the conveyor, and can't move to another aisle. What do you do, that's right you wait.

When you're at the movies, you wait in line for popcorn, then you ask for more butter, only the person behind the counter has moved on to someone else. So you wait to have your request honored, hoping you don't miss the beginning of the movie, that would just be catastrophic.

And if you're planning to eat, after the movie, you wait to be seated at that restaurant, and if theyrequire a reservation, guess what, you wait even longer.

waiting, waiting, and waiting..

Now on a more personal note. You  wait and wait, to get an appointment with a doctor, and once you do, you wait to see him, just so he'll tell you, Guess what, you're still alive.

And then you make an appointment with a dentist, which seems a little easier to obtain, for some reason, but at the same time you pray and hope you got there in time, and  that your teeth are still intact, because you waited too long. You just don't like sitting in that chair, and having someone prying in your mouth, drilling your teeth away...

Now If you're at work, the morning just seems to be dragging, so you can't wait to go to lunch, that would mean the day is half over. But then once you're back from lunch, you just can't wait to go home, a never ending saga.

And if you don't have a job, and you've been applying for one, you wait, and wait  to hear those magic words, Your Hired.

Now on to the creative..

If your a writer,  you wait to hear from a publisher, or an agent to tell you, we're publishing your book, your story, finally you're name is in print...  now you can tell all your friends and family...

And if your an actor/actress, and auditioned for that big part, you wait to hear if you got it, which will finally make you a star, and if you didn't, well maybe you'll just have to wait until you're eighty...

 Or if you're a struggling artist , and have been painting for years on end, and your fingers can attest to that, you wait to hear if your work is good enough, to hang in one of the finest galleries in the city.

waiting, waiting, waiting..

I wish, just once, I could go somewhere, or do something without waiting, waiting, waiting. Don't you?

Waiting is something that tests my patience every day... and for the most part, I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes when you're having one of THOSE days, you just wish you didn't have to  WAIT..

But  I'm afraid, the Waiting Game will never go away, it will always be FOREVER YOUNG