Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/my uncle's dancing feet will keep moving..

My mom called, and told me my uncle's in the hospital. The man who imitated Elvis until he was 85. Well he's almost 89...  He had a mini-stroke, the doctors think.  The tests came out good... and he's doing just fine. You just can't keep a good singing and dancing man down.

So I called him up, and he sounded good, but tired.  You know these hospitals, you think you go in for a rest, but you need a rest when you get out, because their always poking you for something, or testing you for something, and when you're just about falling asleep, they come in a give you a pill, so you can go to sleep.  Okay, I'm just making fun, but as you know being in a hospital is not fun.

So uncle, I pray you'll be okay.  Because I believe nothing can keep you down, and as long as your dancing feet keep moving, and your strength and determination is still there, you will always be FOREVER YOUNG