Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FOREVER YOUNG/mom's tests...

We went to the doctors, only my mom didn't see him.  That's right..

She decided to have her tests at the hospital.  It's within walking distance from her place. I just wished she'd told me, before I left home, since we were already at the doctors office, and now she didn't want to have her tests there..

I think she's just putting it off. At least for few more days. But she knows how important it is.

I'm  really fortunate to have my mom still here.  She's 87 years young, and will live to 200, okay, maybe that's being too optimistic, so I'll settle for 100, but no matter what, let her be here, for as long as the Good Lord sees fit...

Then as we were leaving the doctors office, the assistant handed my mom all the prescriptions she needed to take her tests.  We left the office and was almost down the block, when the assistant came running after us.  She realized she put the wrong last name on the script. Mom didn't notice, because the first name on the script was hers.

Apparently the assistant put my mom's doctors last name on the script, instead of my mom's, because my mom's doctor has the same first name as hers. confusing right? And we didn't notice, close call..... but it all worked out in the end, and that's what counts

Finally took my mom home, and stayed with her for awhile..

I definitely needed to  relax.

Really, I wonder what that word means..